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take use of apot , the painter containing titanium is activated by uv light, which increase the sterilization rate. suitable for office building, residence, public place, etc.

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photocatalyst & uv when air pass through the purifier, the photocatalyst within photocatalytic reactor is activated under uv radiation, and leads to oxidation decomposition reaction to decompose oxygen and water in air into superoxide ions o2- and hydroxyl radicals oh•, which can decompose organic compounds in air and destroy cell membrane of bacteria and virus to die. when uv light activates the photocatalyst, it also directly irradiate to air to double bactericidal efficacy. rigorous and extensive verification with extensive industry service experience and more than 20 professional scientific research teams, we guarantee that every product delivered has great quality and functional performance. and make sure you can focus on production and r&d.
*material & specification are subject to change without prior notice in accordance with our continuous technical innovations. featured machines in photos may include additional equipment.
1、efficient addition of formaldehyde 1h formaldehyde removal rate reached 38.8%,higher than other products. 2、strong sterilization ability we entrust the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center to check the equipment sterilization rate according to gb 21551.3-2010 and find out the equipment’s 1 hour sterilization rate reach up to 96.3%, which is much higher than national standard of 50% sterilization rate. 3、long lamp lifetime we choose core lamp components from quality suppliers for quality assurance. the lamp’s continuous working lifetime reaches up to 9000 hours.it can be used for 3~5 years if used with 8h per day. 4、safe & reliable we use high integrated circuit module with open circuit and short circuit protection to lower electrical failure rate greatly. our product uses high-performance anti-interference electronic ballast, which passed national mandatory product electromagnetic compatibility emc testing. the electronic ballast is equipped with work indicator lamp to timely monitor the running status of the core electrical components 5、flexible selection our products are designed in modular. customers can choose different watt lamp or add product quantity for different air treatment capacity. product regular air treatment range is: 500m3 / h-3000m3 / h.

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