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how to choose the installation location of the uv sterilizer -pg电子游戏

2020-12-18 8,672

ultraviolet sterilizer, also known as ultraviolet sterilizer, is actually a technical activity from type selection and configuration to installation.
a customer just mentioned, “why are uv sterilizers usually placed behind the pump rather than in front of it?” let’s talk about it in detail today.

first of all, let’s review the typical structure of uv sterilizer
it is generally divided into the following four parts:
1. stainless steel cylinder, generally 304 / 316l
2. ultraviolet lamp tube, quartz sleeve and sealing joint
3. ballast or control box
4. mounting bracket


when the equipment is installed, the lamp tube is installed inside the stainless steel cylinder, so that the ultraviolet light can irradiate and sterilize the passing water evenly.

however, the uv germicidal lamp must avoid moisture and water immersion, so we usually use quartz glass tubes and sealed components outside the uv germicidal lamp to achieve the purpose of isolating the uv germicidal lamp from water.


quartz casing can withstand strong pressure when the pressure is stable, but quartz casing is a glass fragile product, which is easy to break under a large impact.

so back to the core issue, whether the uv sterilizer is installed before or after the pump, the main impact comes from the impact of water hammer.

what is water hammer?

it refers to a serious water hammer caused by water flow hitting the pipeline when the feed water pump is started and stopped.

the instantaneous pressure generated by the water hammer can reach dozens or even hundreds of times the normal working pressure in the pipeline. such large pressure fluctuations can cause strong vibration and noise in the pipeline system, and may damage valve joints. it has a great destructive effect on the pipeline system.

therefore, when the water pump is suddenly cut off, water hammer will cause the lamp tube and quartz tube of the uv sterilizer to break.

when installing the uv equipment, it should be installed in accordance with the specifications. generally, the uv sterilizer is installed between the outlet of the water tank and the variable frequency water pump, and cannot be installed directly at the outlet of the pump.

due to the generated water hammer, the pipes, valves and blades of the water pump are buffered to minimize the destructive power of the water hammer, and it can also reduce the damage to the uv sterilizer by the high pressure of the pipe network.

therefore, it is more reasonable to install the ultraviolet disinfection equipment at the water inlet of the water pump.

at the same time, we also recommend that the outlet pipe of the uv equipment should be equipped with a slow-closing check valve to prevent the equipment from damaging the quartz sleeve and the uv lamp due to the impact of the water when the equipment suddenly enters the water in an accident.


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