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瑞朗|国标起草单位全面解读紫外线消毒器新国标 -pg电子游戏

2020-4-28 4,617
renownuv | uv disinfection product drafting unit

after participating in the drafting of uv disinfection standards for the first time in 2006, pg电子游戏-pg电子游戏官网官方网站 was again invited to participate in the drafting of the national standard “gb 28235-2020 hygienic requirements for uv sterilizers”. renownuv has been deeply involved in the ultraviolet disinfection industry for 25years and is committed to promoting the norms of the ultraviolet disinfection industry.


let’s take a look at the new changes in the new national standard.



brief introduction of new national standard


the state administration of market supervision and administration and the national standardization administration approved the release of 14 national standards, including hygienic requirements for ultraviolet sterilizers, general requirements for air disinfectants, and hygienic requirements for ozone sterilizers. the newly issued standards are organized and formulated by the national health commission and the national food and drug administration, and mainly involve key areas that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control such as disinfectants, disinfection equipment, and medical equipment.



01 what is mandatory


gb (national standard) refers to a national standard approved by the national standardization authority to ensure human health, personal, and property safety through laws and administrative regulations. the national standard is mainly divided into mandatory national standard (gb) and recommended national standard (gb/t)

recommended standards, also known as non-mandatory standards or voluntary standards, refer to national standards or industry standards that are not forced to be adopted by manufacturers and users, but are encouraged to adopt voluntarily through economic means or market regulation.

compulsory national standards are national standards that guarantee human health, personal, and property safety, as well as mandatory implementation of laws and administrative regulations. it is the form of the state passing laws that clearly require that the technical content and requirements specified in some standards must be implemented, and it is not allowed to violate or change in any reason or method.

​the current national standard “gb28235-2020” is a mandatory national standard, proposed and managed by the national health commission of the people’s republic of china, and approved and issued by the state administration of market supervision and administration of the people’s republic of china and the standardization administration of china. it is of great significance to standardizing the industry environment, optimizing the industrial structure, and enhancing the competitiveness of high-quality enterprises.


02new standard modification content


1.modify the scope of application

the scope of application of the old version of the standard is “ultraviolet air sterilizer with ultraviolet germicidal lamp, filter and fan with the central ultraviolet wavelength of 253.7nm”. the new version is changed to “ultraviolet sterilizer with c-band ultraviolet (wavelength range 200nm-280nm) as the germicidal factor”. the new version clarifies the waveband range, that is to say, in addition to the traditional mercury lamp, the core device used in the ultraviolet sterilizer also includes the uv-c led in the application range.


2.modify the definition and name of “ultraviolet germicidal lamp”

the definition of the old version of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is “a special electric light source that directly uses ultraviolet light (center wavelength is 253.7nm) for disinfection purposes”, and the new version’s definition is changed to “a special electric light source that directly uses ultraviolet light for disinfection purposes.” wavelength. in addition, the new version also adds the definitions of “ultraviolet disinfection”, “ultraviolet disinfection device”, “upper level flat uv air disinfection device”, “ultraviolet effective dose”, “ultraviolet water disinfection device” and “ultraviolet surface disinfection device”. the uv disinfection products are defined in more detail and clearly, and different disinfection products should be used for different fields.


3.delete the contents of “specifications and classifications” and “names and models” that do not belong to product safety and hygiene requirements.

the requirements for product specifications and naming do not belong to product safety and hygiene requirements, so the new version does not make corresponding requirements in the standard.


4.revise the requirements of raw materials, separate into chapters, and change the requirements of raw materials closely related to product effectiveness and safety into mandatory requirements.


5.modified the technical requirements and deleted the electrical safety technical requirements.

the safety technical requirements in the old version stipulated that the sterilizer should be equipped with a 220v special power socket and should meet the requirements of gb 2099.1. in the actual application of uv-c led, the input power is not necessarily 220v. some mobile sterilizers are only equipped with a low-voltage dc power supply and can work normally. therefore, the new version deletes such related content.


6.modified the content of the application scope.

the old version of the sterilizer is used in medical institutions, production workshops with sanitary requirements, public places and family rooms that need to be sterilized, and indoor air disinfection under conditions. it can also be used under unmanned conditions. the scope of application of the new version is more detailed, describing the scope of application of air, water and surface sterilizers.


7.modified the content of “precautions” and merged with “label and instruction manual” into the chapter “nameplate and instruction manual”.

some new content has been added to the precautions. the old version focused on air disinfection, while the new version also added precautions for water disinfection and surface disinfection.


8. added relevant requirements for ultraviolet water sterilizer and ultraviolet surface sterilizer. that is, the newly added content in the precautions.


9. added specific measurement and test methods without very detailed descriptions and regulations


appendix a “ultraviolet intensity measurement method”, appendix b “life test method”, appendix c “air disinfection simulated county test”, appendix d “air disinfection field test”, appendix e “water disinfection laboratory microorganism killing test”, appendix f “water disinfection simulation field test and field test”, appendix g “object surface disinfection laboratory microbial killing test” and appendix h “object surface disinfection simulation field test and field test”. the old version only stipulated the above parameters for the sterilizer product, but did not have very detailed descriptions and regulations on the specific measurement and test methods. the new version has made detailed supplements to this part.



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